I have a file reference code – how can I request a file?

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1. Once you have signed in to invenio, select Merkzettel/Bestellen (wish list / requests) from the menu.

2. Then click on the Direktbestellung (direct request) tab. You can now enter up to five reference codes. The information next to the input fields explains how to correctly enter reference codes.

3. Then click on the Vorbestellen (reserve items) button in the bottom-right corner.

4. Indicate the Federal Archives location where you would like to reserve the files and select a date. The chosen location must match the place where the files are stored.

5. Once you have clicked on Vorbestellen (reserve items), you will receive a notification to confirm your reservation.

If you are in a reading room at the Federal Archives, you can also use the Bestellen (request) button to place an instant order. Your requested files will then be removed from the storeroom as soon as possible. In this case, step 4 will be omitted.

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