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3 If you select a fonds in the hierarchical structure, the classification will open beneath the hierarchical structure and the fonds information will be displayed to the right. Alternatively, you can enter a fonds reference code in the **Signatur **(reference code) field, select **Bestandssignatur** (fonds reference code) and run a simple or advanced search. This will take you straight to the information on the fonds.
5 The fonds information is divided into various sections, such as the fonds history, the cataloguing status and further reading. You can open a section by clicking on its plus sign or heading.
7 If you would like to view the cataloguing information for individual items in the archive, you can keep clicking to navigate through the classification.
10 **Information on the “DA 1 Volkskammer der DDR” fonds:**
12 [[image:Bestandinformationen_DA_1_markiert.jpg]]
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