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3 You can switch between the //invenio// classic desktop view and mobile view by clicking on the** Zur mobilen Ansicht wechseln** (switch to mobile view) or **Zur klassischen Ansicht wechseln** (switch to classic view) button on the log-in page.
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Xwiki DXC-Admin 3.1 6 **Differences to the classic view:**
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Xwiki DXC-Admin 3.1 9 __Navigation in hierarchical structure and classification:__
11 In the mobile version, your screen will not be split into the areas “hierarchical structure”, “classification” and “detailed view”. Instead, you will first have to click your way through the hierarchical structure until you reach the fonds details at the bottom level. You can then click **Weiter zur Klassifikation **to see the classification.
Xwiki DXC-Admin 1.1 13 From the lowest level of a classification, you will automatically be taken to the list of items in the archives.
Xwiki DXC-Admin 3.1 15 If you click on the **Zurück zur Klassifikation** (return to classification) button, you will be taken back to the classification view, from where you can navigate through the fonds by pressing the **Zurück zum Bestand** (return to fonds) and **Zurück zur Tektonik** (return to hierarchical structure) buttons.
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Xwiki DXC-Admin 3.1 18 __Navigating through the menu:__
20 You can click on the menu icon [[image:Menmobil.JPG]] to switch between various tabs and run a keyword search, open your wish list, request files, and sign in and out.
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