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If you would like to search for a keyword, start by selecting “search” from the menu.
You now have three search options:


The following basic rules apply to all searches:

  • You can truncate your search with wildcards:
    • ? for one character
    • * for no characters, one character or several characters
  • No distinction is made between upper and lower case.
  • You can increase the number of hits by using alternative search terms (e.g. when searching for “Zwangsarbeiter” (forced labourers), you could also search for “Ostarbeiter” (Eastern workers)).
  • You can search for names and organisations via the keyword search (simple or advanced) and via the name search.
  • Time range: You can complete both fields (from - to) or only one. Your search results will always include hits for which no time range has been indicated during cataloguing (e.g. “undated”), provided the other search parameters match the result.
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