How to run a simple search

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  • You can enter one or more search terms.
  • You can restrict your search to digitised material by ticking the checkbox beneath the entry field for the search terms.
  • In the Signatur (reference code) field, you can search for current and old archive reference codes or fonds reference codes.

Current archive reference codes should be entered as follows:

[Department] [fonds number]-[sub-fonds, if applicable]/[archive number][supplementary archive number, if applicable]

Example: R 109-I/4a

You can restrict your search to a certain time range by entering years in the corresponding field (Zeitraum).

  • The search results will then contain all items whose term lies at least partially within the indicated range.
  • You can also choose to enter a year in only one of the two fields. The years must not be in the future.
  • The year “from” must be earlier than the year “to”. Negative numbers, letters and wildcards cannot be entered.
  • You can only restrict a search to a certain time range if you have at least entered a search term, archive reference code or file reference, or if you have restricted your search to a certain fonds.

Please also refer to the general information on searches.

This video shows an example for a simple search:

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