How to create a new use

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Button_Neue_Benutzung.JPGIf you would like to research a new topic (Benutzungsthema), you can create a new use. Select the Benutzungen (uses) tab from Benutzerdaten (user details) in the menu, and then click on the Neue Benutzung anlegen (create new use) button. Now complete the required fields, which are marked with an asterisk ( * ), and save your new use.

You have separate wish lists for each use. If you have asked for terms of protection to be shortened, your request will only be valid for the use for which it has been filed.

Whenever you want to view items in the archives or request scans and copies, you will have to submit a usage application to the Federal Archives for each new usage topic. More information is available on the Federal Archives website.

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