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3 **You will need:**
5 ~1. An identity document with an activated eID function
7 2. A reader for your identity document
9 3. __[[AusweisApp2>>https://www.ausweisapp.bund.de/en/ausweisapp2-home/]]__ on the device used to access invenio (PC / tablet / smartphone). You can find more __[[information>>https://www.personalausweisportal.de/EN/Home/home_node.html]]__ and a link to download the app on the information portal of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (“Informationen zur Online-Ausweisfunktion”).
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14 IMPORTANT: Even after registering with invenio, you will still have to submit an __[[application>>https://www.bundesarchiv.de/DE/Content/Downloads/Rechtliches/benutzungsantrag.html]]__ to the Federal Archives before using certain items. If you want to search for data subject to [[__terms of protection__>>doc:Helpmenu.restrictions.WebHome]], you will have to submit an additional request to the Federal Archives for a reduction in these terms. More information on the use of the archives can be found on our __[[website>>https://www.bundesarchiv.de/EN/Navigation/Use/use.html]]__.
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17 You can find more information about eID in the article [[__What are the advantages of signing in with eID?__>>doc:FAQeng.AdvantageseID.WebHome]] and in the [[__eID overview__>>doc:Helpmenu.eIDfunction.WebHome]].
19 The eID function in //invenio// is currently only optimised for desktop use. You may encounter problems on iOS (iPhone, iPad), but a possible solution can be found in the [[__FAQ for //AusweisApp2//__>>https://www.ausweisapp.bund.de/fragen-und-antworten/haeufig-gestellte-fragen/#c3468]].
22 **Registration**
24 1. Connect the reader to your PC.
25 1. Open invenio and click on the “register” button. (**Zur Registrierung**)
26 1. Select “register with ID card”. (**Registrierung mit Personalausweis**)
27 1. //AusweisApp2// will open automatically. The service provider will be displayed as “Bundesarchiv”. You will also see which data from your ID card will be transferred to the Federal Archives when signing in to invenio. Place your ID on or in the reader and click “scan ID”. (**Jetzt ausweisen**)
28 1. Follow the instructions in the //AusweisApp2// and reader. Once your data has been successfully transferred, the first page of the //invenio// registration process will be shown on your screen.
29 1. Complete the fields and click “next”. (**Weiter**)
30 1. Enter the details of your usage topic and confirm by clicking “next”. (**Weiter**)
31 1. If you are working on behalf of someone else, you can enter their details on the third registration page. Conclude your registration by clicking “register”. (**Registrieren**)
32 1. You will then receive a notification with your username. You will need this if you ever want to sign in to invenio with your password instead of your eID. It will also be sent to your email address.
33 1. Once you have closed the notification, you can use //invenio//. Please remember to sign out again at the end of your session (“sign out” button in the top-right corner) to prevent unauthorised access to any protected information and your personal data.
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38 This video shows you how to register with your ID card:
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