How to request items

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There are two ways to request items from the archives:

  1. Request from a wish list
  2. Direct request with a reference code

Basic information about requesting items:

  • Items can only be viewed in the reading room at the location where they are stored. The storage location is displayed in the cataloguing information for each reference code.
  • You can reserve files for a specific date via the Vorbestellen button. If you are using a PC in a reading room at the Federal Archives, you can use the Bestellen (request) button to have items delivered as soon as possible, i.e. the next time files are removed from the storeroom.
  • You can generally request a maximum of 50 items at once.
  • After placing an order, you will receive a notification to confirm whether your requested items can be delivered.
  • You will also be shown a list of your requested files, which you can save on your PC. As you will not be able to view this list in invenio at a later date, you can contact the invenio customer service team if you would like to know whether files have been requested for you.
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