What are the advantages of signing in with eID?

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By linking your invenio account to the eID function of your identity document, you can make it technically possible to search for and display documents that are usually restricted. The users of the Federal Archives were previously only able to search for restricted items in the reading rooms after being granted the necessary rights.

If certain archive reference codes or fonds have been unlocked for your use, you can now use your eID to search for them outside the reading rooms of the Federal Archives and view digital copies. You will have to meet the legal requirements to have terms of protection shortened (i.e. clearance for searches and/or requests in invenio).

If you would like to check whether you meet the requirements, you will have to submit an application for the reduction of a term of protection and make a formal declaration of commitment. If you have already had an application approved in the past, you will not have to submit another one for that particular use of the archives, as your existing access rights will be automatically transferred to your invenio account. If you do not yet have an invenio account, you can register with your eID right away.

If you already have an invenio account, you can link it to your eID.

You will need AusweisApp2 to enable the eID function in invenio. You can find more information and a link to download AusweisApp2 on the information portal of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

IMPORTANT: Even after registering with invenio, you will still have to submit an application to the Federal Archives before using certain items. If you want to search for data subject to terms of protection, you will have to submit an additional request to the Federal Archives for a reduction in these terms.

More information on the use of the archives can be found on our website.

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