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3 [[image:ErsteSchritte.WebHome@Anmeldemaske.JPG||style="float:right"]]When you use invenio for the first time, you can select **Suche ohne Anmeldung** (search without registering) on the [[homepage>>]] to digitally search the holdings of the Federal Archives without creating an account.
5 * You can close the welcome message by clicking the **X** in the top-right corner of the pop-up.
7 * You are in the [[__navigating search__>>doc:Helpmenu.Search.Navigating_Search.WebHome]], which means you can navigate through the [[__hierarchical structure__ >>doc:Glossary.Hierarchicalstructure.WebHome]]of the Federal Archives on the left of screen.
9 * Alternatively, you can switch to the [[__general search__>>doc:Helpmenu.Search.Simple_Search.WebHome]] (keyword search) by selecting **search** from the menu.
11 * You can now enter a search term or archive reference code and run a search. We have provided a [[__help article on searches__>>doc:Helpmenu.Search.WebHome]], where you can find an overview of all search options.
13 * Your search results will be displayed within the __[[hierarchical structure>>doc:Glossary.Hierarchicalstructure.WebHome]]__ (Tektonik). You can click on the plus sign to open the levels of the__[[ hierarchical structure>>doc:Glossary.Hierarchicalstructure.WebHome]]__ and __[[classification >>doc:Glossary.Classification.WebHome]]__until you reach the detailed level for the __[[reference codes>>doc:Glossary.Referencecode.WebHome]]__ (see video). If a __[[file >>doc:Glossary.File.WebHome]]__has been digitised, you can display the __[[digital copy>>doc:Helpmenu.Digitalcopies.WebHome]]__.
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18 **You have to be signed in as a registered user to request files for use in the reading room. **More information on [[__registering__>>doc:Helpmenu.register_sign_in.WebHome]] and [[__requesting items__>>doc:Helpmenu.requestitems.WebHome]] can be found in the help menu.
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23 Example for a simple search:
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