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3 Digital copies of selected fonds and items are kept at the Federal Archives. You can find an overview of the digitised fonds here: [[__Digitised fonds__>>]].
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Xwiki DXC-Admin 2.2 5 If you are inspecting archive material in the detailed view, you can open digital objects by clicking on **Digitalisat anzeigen** (show digital copy).
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Xwiki DXC-Admin 2.2 7 Some digital copies are subject to legal terms of protection (please refer to the information on usage restrictions on the [[__Federal Archives website__>>]]).
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9 Only freely available information is displayed on the Internet.
Xwiki DXC-Admin 2.2 11 You may ask for the [[__terms of protection__>>doc:Helpmenu.restrictions.WebHome]] to be lifted by submitting a usage request for each item that you wish to view.
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13 Once you have been granted the right to use a restricted digital copy, the digitised material will be displayed when you sign in to //invenio//, but only in one of the reading rooms at the Federal Archives.
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18 You can find more information on targeted searches for digital copies in our [[__FAQ article on searching for digital copies__>>doc:FAQeng.searchdigitisedonly.WebHome]].
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Xwiki DXC-Admin 2.1 25 Digital material will be displayed in a new window or tab in your browser. In order to see the digital copy, you may have to actively allow the material to be opened in a new window or tab or adjust your browser’s pop-up settings.
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